Whether or not you’re a Bronco’s fan, or just a football fan, you’ve probably heard of Tim Tebow‘s “Tebowing.” After a successful touchdown, he’ll put his elbow to his knee, fist to forehead, and take a specially postured moment to thank God. We’re all are familiar with how sports takes […]


The Kate Middleton Jellybean

A British couple has discovered the uncanny likeness of Kate Middleton, prince William’s bride to be, in an orange colored mango jellybean they almost ate. It’s another one of these stories that captures the world’s imagination. The tiny image is so accurate and compelling that it seems nothing short of […]


Conservative Prankster James O’Keefe: Political Activist, Journalist, or Artist?

Recently the 26 year old Rutgers graduate and prankster “journalist” James O’Keefe has been in the news for masterminding a damning hidden camera taping of Ron Schiller, the now former director of NPR. The sting operation, and subsequent manipulation of the tape, produced a video document which made Schiller look […]


Does Steve Jobs Have Just Six Weeks Left to Live?

The National Enquirer is reporting that Steve Jobs, the genius tech guru and CEO of Apple, has only approximately six weeks to live. Many people are dubious of stories that appear in The Enquirer, but in fact their reporting tends to have some validity. I’ve found that often times they […]


When Having a Stroke is Perceived by the Internet as Funny. Plus, Killin’ It with Paul Crik on Being Borderline Retarded

The first thing I saw when I checked in on facebook today was this video featuring Los Angeles reporter Serene Branson losing all verbal faculties while trying to deliver some news on last night’s Grammys. I thought it was strange and hilarious. Some people were saying she was drunk, others […]


Killin’ It with Paul Crik – TRAIN YOURSELF (2011 Dance Video)

In a brand new dance video for 2011, Paul talks about how to train yourself, and reflects on the most influential advertising campaign of all time: Nike’s JUST DO IT.


Killin’ It with Paul Crik – HYGIENE OVERKILL

Paul explains why you have to be careful not to be overly hygienic with yourself or your children. You can’t sterilize everything or you’ll end up sterilizing your soul.