Daily Treasures: Living off the Land!

For 20 working days in June 2008, Goatsilk excavated discarded objects, sites and histories from the lands around Earthquake Lake in southwest Montana. With a series of docu-dramas they envisioned the life of each item, subsequently placing them for auction on eBay. The project unfolded in real-time on their blog, eBay, Facebook and YouTube, creating a linked circuit between 3 of the Internet’s most visited sites and their own virtual outpost.

Daily Treasures: Living off the Land! experiments with the possibilities for elevating the real value of these all but forgotten objects by restoring some significance to the reality of their loss and decay. The significance we help bring to each item may be expressed in several ways: financial capital produced through eBay sales, symbolic capital accrued with Internet popularity, and the artistic capital derived from the labor and creativity required to realize the project on a daily basis. Weaving history and memory, sentiment and satire, fiction and reality, Daily Treasures evokes the possibilities—and limitations—of “living off the land.”

GOATSILK'S Daily Treasures#20-Golden Deer Leg Fetish
GOATSILK'S Daily Treasures#19-Lottery Nut Souvenir
GOATSILK'S Daily Treasures#18-Pioneer Estate Pipe
GOATSILK'S Daily Treasures#17-Golden Hammock Chain
GOATSILK'S Daily Treasures#16-Verizon Vehicle Cell Charger
GOATSILK'S Daily Treasures#15-Golden Bolt From 1959 Quake
GOATSILK'S Daily Treasures#14-Improvised Swimming Goggles
GOATSILK'S Daily Treasures#13-Country Mailbox w/Bulletholes
GOATSILK'S Daily Treasures#12-Neanderthal's Clam Fossil
GOATSILK'S Daily Treasures#11-Vintage Tonga Banana matchbook
Goatsilk's Daily Treasures #10-Beadhead Nymph and Indicator
GOATSILK'S Daily Treasures #9-White Glass Arrowhead
GOATSILK'S Daily Treasures #8-Cisco Systems Golfball
GOATSILK'S Daily Treasures #7-Antique Gold-Sieving Pan
GOATSILK'S Daily Treasures #6-Futuristic Sceptre
GOATSILK'S Daily Treasures #5 - Sharecropper's Shovelhead
GOATSILK'S Daily Treasures #4-Modernist Pillow by Highway 87
GOATSILK'S Daily Treasures #3-Turn of The Century Water Pail
GOATSILK's Daily Treasures #2-Model T Door Handle
GOATSILK'S Daily Treasures #1-Antique Pepsi Bottle