• Head Nobody
    Head Nobody Head Nobody emerged as a final project in Ben Bloch’s new genre arts class at Whitman College, in Fall 2006. In the project, we created a large-scale public webchat in which passerbys could interact with a head that was detached from its own body, but whose body was still residing […]
  • Get Cloned
    Get Cloned March 19, 2007 • Colorado State University • Pueblo, Colorado   Get Cloned was a live interactive webchat performance broadcast from the Colorado State University Pueblo Fine Art Gallery to a remote location on the CSU campus. In the gallery was a large-scale rasterized photograph of the exact physical area […]
  • Facebooking
    Facebooking In this performance, students from Ben Bloch’s new genre arts class set up an 8′ x 8′ projection screen on the side of Penrose Library on the campus of Whitman College, where they projected a live voyeuristic websurf across parts of the popular social networking site, Facebook. Only their real-time […]
  • Ad a Friend
    Ad a Friend The exhibit “ad a friend” is a playful way to make make known the fact (see copied terms of use below) that facebook actually owns and can use – for most any purpose- an individual’s pictures once they’ re uploaded to the site. In compiling the images for “ad a […]
  • Tyvek Drawing
    Tyvek Drawing Tyvek Drawing took advantage of the renovation of the Sherwood gymnasium when it was covered in Tyvek paper, in preparation for being bricked over. The mostly white surface served as an effective screen from our projection vantage point on the roof of a building across the street. Using a projector, […]
  • Agnes Ca$h
    Agnes Ca$h Agnes Ca$h employed a laptop, an amplifier, and the voice of Agnes (from a selection of voices in an Apple text to speech program) to engage random passerbys in the middle of Whitman College’s Ankeny field. From a second story vantage point in a nearby building, strangers were personally addressed […]
  • You May Walk Through the Breezeway
    You May Walk Through the Breezeway From October 22 – November 4, 2007, a high-traffic corridor connecting the arts and humanities at Whitman College was transformed into a hypo-/hyper-sensory interactive environment. Thirty percent of the hall was papered with heavy black stock, emptying it of light. The remaining seventy percent of the breezeway interior was enveloped […]
  • Rubix
    Rubix Giant Rubix Cube Projection on Ankeny Field–a project by Prof. Ben Bloch’s new genre arts class–at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington.
  • The Beast of Caricature
    The Beast of Caricature
  • Abe Lincoln Wants You to Crack Someone!
    Abe Lincoln Wants You to Crack Someone! Abe Lincoln Wants You to Crack Someone! featured in 1440 Minutes: An Evening of Installation and Performance Art at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs on April 11, 2008. Goatsilk created a scenario in which members of the viewing audience engaged in one on one live action battles to make […]
  • SWAP
    SWAP On October 22, 2009, an installation event called SWAP, by the New Genre Arts 280 class at Whitman College, opened its doors to the local community. Superficially, SWAP was not much more than a simple clothing exchange that took place inside the Fouts Art Gallery on campus, but the event […]