The Kate Middleton Jellybean

A British couple has discovered the uncanny likeness of Kate Middleton, prince William’s bride to be, in an orange colored mango jellybean they almost ate. It’s another one of these stories that captures the world’s imagination. The tiny image is so accurate and compelling that it seems nothing short of […]


iClaw: Goatsilk at Brink Gallery

iClaw celebrates the bizarreness of  life with an exploration of desire, interactivity, economy, art, technology, and marketing. Anyone who buys one of the 4 paintings on display painting will receive a free iPad. Additional works include and/or require audience use of concert lasers, puppets, and an air compressor.


Goatsilk in ASPECT: The Chronicle of New Media Art

Three videos by Goatsilk–Gargoyling, Pressing the Vessel, and Liberation of the Paranoid World–were included in the Fall 2008 issue of ASPECT magazine, a biannual DVD publication showcasing contemporary work in new and experimental media. The videos are accompanied by commentary by Ricardo De Mambro Santos.   Volume 12: Vital presents […]


Goatsilk Introduces Killin’ it! with Paul Crik

Killin’ It is wireless motivation for a new generation. Killin’ It is a mantra. Its a philosophy that’s as simple or as complex as you like. When we say I’m Killin’ It we know the basic meaning of the phrase. Were on top of it, ready to meet life head on at work or play. Killin’ It doesn’t conform to social mores or expectations. The growing numbers of people who have succeeded at Killin’ It form social ties that dont just land them a network-based glad-handed favor, they make friends for life; an extended family of some of the most entertaining, good-hearted, humble, and successful people currently alive.