Goatsilk’s Daily Treasures – Living Off The Land! Episode #10: Beadhead Nymph and Strike Indicator

Well, we’re at the end of another week of the Goatsilk’s Daily treasures project. Amazing! Our first two auctions from early last week have ended, and both the antique pepsi bottle and the Model T door handle have sold to lucky bidders! Today’s bounty was a bit more mundane, at […]


Goatsilk’s Daily Treasures – Living Off The Land! Episode #9: White Arrowhead

Today’s discovery of a partially carved white arrowhead is linked to the story of Noah Epstein, the son of Jewish immigrants who came to Montana, via Ellis Island, in the late 1800’s. Noah’s dreams of converting to Native Americanism eventually came true in this heartening outsider’s tale. Bid HERE to […]


Goatsilk’s Daily Treasures – Living off The Land! Episode #8: Cisco Systems Golfball

This Cisco Systems Teitlist golf ball is an obscure little item to find out here in the sage brush. A recent deposit on the land, it serves as a reminder of a life of leisure and relaxation with friends. A Cisco Sysytems golfball stands for a way of life that […]


Goatsilk’s Daily Treasures – Living Off The Land! Episode #7: Antique Gold Sieving Pan

Goatsilk is joined by Dr Roy Winters, founder of the Northwest Gold Institute. He finds a gold-sieving pan from the frontier days which he believes may have belonged to the first female gold digger, Molly Kearney. He tells a fascinating (and tragic) story which would make anyone want to own […]


Goatsilk’s Daily Treasures – Living Off The Land! Episode #6: Futuristic Sceptre

Well here’s a surprise. Today we found something buried in the ground which is not from the past, but the future. Amazing. Items from the future – not surprisingly – are quite desirable. Hurry up and place your bid HERE! Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript […]


Allow Me To Break Your Heart

Exquisite new footage of bluebird chicks only hours after hatching.  These little guys hatched from the beautiful eggs shown last week in THIS post) Amazing to watch their almost featherless bodies squirm in contest for the warmth of the middle. This is a picture of life, raw and tender enough […]


Ripe Season Wildlife

We took a jaunt up to Bozeman today to pick up my brother at the airport. It was stormy on the way back down 191 but there was crazy wildlife. The spring season is indeed the ripest, the rivers full, animals are out in droves, everything fresh, raw, biting. We […]


Goatsilk’s Daily Treasures – Living Off The Land! Episode #5: Sharecropper’s Shovelhead

This classic sharecropper’s shovelhead auction caps off a bountiful week of treasure hunting on the land . We like to think of it as a regular work week, and we’ve already begun to see the profits with fresh ebay bids for the antique pepsi bottle, the turn of the century […]


Goatsilk’s Daily Treasures – Living Off The Land! Episode #4: Modernist Pillow

This pillow found by the side of highway 87 near the Raynold’s pass bridge has been touched by the artful hand of nature. It struck us immediately as having similar qualities to a Vija Celmin galaxy drawing, or maybe a combination of Yayoi Kusama and Agnes Martin. This pillow is […]


Goatsilk’s Daily Treasures – Living Off The Land! Episode #3: Turn of The Century Water Pail

Today’s auction features a perfectly weathered turn of the century water pail. Sometimes you find something that has aged in a truly magical way, and this pail is one of those things. Found nestled at the root of a sage bush, it’s likely not been touched by anyone until we […]