Grizzly Bear – KNIFE

This is a cool song and video. Bizarre and delightfully so.


Fantastic Flying Dildo!

This is just an amazing little piece of footage. Absolutely Brilliant.


Goatsilk’s PORTRAITS FROM AN ARK on Youtube

Goatsilk has just placed all of the PORTRAIT’S FROM AN ARK project onto it’s own tidy little youtube channel. It’s pretty cool. Check it out at: http://www.youtube.com/user/GoatsilkArk For anyone unfamiliar with the PORTRAIT’S FROM AN ARK project, here’s a brief synopsis. When it has appeared in galleries, the videos are […]


Photogenic Butte, Montana

If you haven’t guessed yet, Goatsilk loves Butte, MT. and wants to live there someday, to be fully submerged in Butte’s beauty. One remarkable thing about Butte is how photogenic it is. Photogenic-ness is a bit of a mystery, isn’t it? Why do some people always look good in pictures, […]




Improv Everywhere’s Living Mirror!

Improv Everywhere has done a number of clever performance projects in NYC, including the Central Station and Home Depot freeze/slo mo actions, but this may be their best yet, IMO. They got 15 pairs of identical twins to ride the subway, sit across from each other, and mimic each others […]


Trout Break The Surface on Quake Lake

Here goes a cool series of photos taken last evening on a Quake Lake boating excursion. The disturbances in the water’s surface are action shots of rising trout, like a fisherman’s dream.


Obama was there! For two days!

I imagined that Obama’s Butte visit was just a couple hours long–a jet pit stop–but today I learned that he in fact stayed in Butte for 2 whole days, and during this time Davis Guggenheim, the maker of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” was making a 5-10 minute documentary about […]


Butte, America

Here are a few pictures from the 4th of July Parade in Butte, Montana. Barack Obama was actually in Butte today, and it had been publicized that he would march in this parade. Can you imagine the world’s eye suddenly turned on Butte? It reminds us of a time long […]


Goatsilk’s Daily Treasures – Living Off The Land! Episode #20: Golden Deer Leg Fetish

Well, we’ve arrived at episode #20, the grand finale goal for Goatsilk’s Daily Treasure’s project. 20 days of treasure hunting, 20 rapid-fire videos with accompanying e-bay auctions. We’ve been heartened (and surprised!) at how many of Goatsilk’s Daily Treasures have sold on e-bay. We found this severed deer leg and […]