Does Steve Jobs Have Just Six Weeks Left to Live?

The National Enquirer is reporting that Steve Jobs, the genius tech guru and CEO of Apple, has only approximately six weeks to live. Many people are dubious of stories that appear in The Enquirer, but in fact their reporting tends to have some validity. I’ve found that often times they report news which a couple of weeks later we see in the likes of Time, Newsweek and other more trusted sources.

As everyone knows, Steve Jobs is no stranger to illness. He’s had cancer before and beaten it, returning to the helm of Apple each time.¬†However, his recent medical leave has seemed more ominous, given it’s his second disappearance in 3 years. The Enquirer has printed recent pictures of an extremely gaunt Jobs entering the same cancer center visited by Patrick Swayze in the weeks preceding his death. It is also reported that Jobs was to have met with President Obama yesterday, another grim detail which to my mind signals tragedy.

The thought of Steve Job’s death is deeply saddening to me. Anyone who admires creativity and technology has to tip their hat to the man who conceived and realized Apple computer. It is safe to say that Apple has revolutionized the tech industry in many ways. In recent years, Apple’s innovations have made Microsoft look like a flailing old dinosaur made of cheap plastic parts. Jobs is an iconic force and an important representative not only for Apple, but for the kinds of ideas that make people devoted to a company in an almost spiritual way. He is as much (if not more) an artist as he is a businessman. If The Enquirer‘s prognosis is correct, and something tells me it may be, I can only imagine what a sad day is coming soon…our hearts will sink along with Apple’s stock price.

Steve Jobs is sick again, and has taken a medical leave from his position as CEO of Apple Computer

Steve Jobs is sick again, and has taken a medical leave from his position as CEO of Apple Computer. These pics show a gaunt Jobs entering the same cancer clinic that treated Patrick Swayze just weeks before his death.

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