When Having a Stroke is Perceived by the Internet as Funny. Plus, Killin’ It with Paul Crik on Being Borderline Retarded

CBS-Los Angeles Reporter Serene Branson

CBS-Los Angeles Reporter Serene Branson is rumored to have suffered a mild stroke while reporting live from the Grammies last nigh

The first thing I saw when I checked in on facebook today was this video featuring Los Angeles reporter Serene Branson losing all verbal faculties while trying to deliver some news on last night’s Grammys. I thought it was strange and hilarious. Some people were saying she was drunk, others were saying she had a sudden anxiety attack. Youtube videos of the moment were flying all over the place with titles like “Grammy Reporter’s Massive Fail” and “CBS Reporter Speaks Alien Language.” Whatever the case, it started to get passed around the Internet as something funny. I thought so too, and I reposted it on my own page. Within minutes I received a message from a friend saying that in fact the reason she started fumbling so hard is that she was actually suffering a mild stroke on camera. Whew. Not funny at all, right? Just goes to show how fine the line can be between hilarious and horrific, doesn’t it? Still it seems that there is no confirmed truth about the story. I haven’t seen any official announcement that acknowledges she had a stroke. It almost leaves one wondering further: could the station have made the story up to save face? I doubt, but in today’s Internet culture, anything is possible….

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